Taghazout is Morocco’s capital of surfing. Within 15 minutes drive of Taghazout, you have over 20 different world class surf spots making Taghazout the perfect place to base yourself for your Morocco surf holiday.

Taghazout Life

Anchor Point

Famed as one of the most iconic right-hand point breaks in Africa, Anchor Point occasionally offers emerald green barrels on its sandy sections. A 3-minute drive or a 15-minute walk from Taghazout, it’s an intermediate to advanced spot that works best on low to mid tides, but expect some crowds.


Visible from the roof terrace, Panoramas is popular among beginners due to its convenience and sandy break. However, when the swell is big and from the right direction, it can transform into a world-class spot. It’s a right-hand point break, just a 4-minute walk away, working on all tides but best at low to mid

Taghazout Life
Taghazout Life


A true long-boarder’s paradise, Imsouane boasts endless mellow rights wrapping around the point into the protected bay. A 1-hour 15-minute drive from Taghazout, it’s a northerly-facing spot, usually larger than Taghazout, with a mellow right-hand point break perfect for beginners and long-boarders.

La Source and Mysteries

Located just 100m north of Anchor Point, La Source and Mysteries break over a rock reef. Intermediate to advanced surfers will find these spots suitable, working on all tides but especially hollow on low tide. It’s a 5-minute drive or 25-minute walk from Taghazout.

Taghazout Life
Taghazout Life

Banana Point and Crocs

Tucked between Devil’s Rock and Banana Village, this spot offers options for both beginners and advanced surfers. A 10-minute drive away, it features a long easy right-hander for advanced surfers and a wide beach for beginners.

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