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Taghazout is a small berber fishing village 19 km north of the city of Agadir in southwestern Morocco. The inhabitants are mostly of Berber origin. Fishing, tourism, and the production of Argan oil being the main source of income. In recent years, tourism has been increasing in importance to the local economy and it is a popular surfing destination.

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History of Taghazout

Like almost all Berber villages in southern Morocco, virtually nothing is known about the earlier history of Taghazout; oral traditions only report of clashes of the united Berber tribes with the Portuguese in the 16th century. The Berber inhabitants originally resided in the foothills of the surrounding mountains and used the village purely as a place to store their fishing equipment. As the Spanish increased their hold on the area in the 19th century, factories and Mosques were built in order to house the Berber people and the village grew into a larger community.

Taghazout Life
Taghazout Life

In a similar fashion to Calangute beach in Goa India and Kuta on the island of Bali Indonesia, a beach just south of the village became famous in the late 1960s as a destination for young people to base themselves while exploring southern Morocco. On occasion, several hundred would reside in tents, makeshift buildings, and camper vans. However, the camp has been banned and instead replaced with fully equipped hotels and resorts for tourists.

Since 1992 Taghazout is the center of an independent municipality, which also includes several villages in the hinterland.


In addition to its beaches and points that have quality surf for beginner, intermediate and expert surfers, Taghazout also attracts visitors looking for calm and tranquility away from more visited destinations such as Marrakech and Agadir. Taghazout also serves as a convenient base to do other activities such as day trips to Paradise Valley trip, visiting Argan oil factories, camel riding on the beach, yoga retreats, paddle boarding and kayaking.

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There are several beaches north of Agadir, which all offer a good alternative to the local beach in town. The setting of these beaches can be most attractive, with mountains on all sides, yet with a wide and clean beach with all necessary amenities.

The largest and popular are: Tamawanza (12 km), Aitswal Beach, Imouran (17 km),Taghazout beach (19 km), Du lkhmiss 20, Bouyirdn (21 km), Timzguida allal (22 km), Imiouadar (27 km), Aghroud (30 km).

Surf Spots
Taghazout Life